Skincare is an important part of maintaining good personal hygiene, especially for older adults. As we become less mobile and more susceptible to skin problems or infections, it is important to keep skin clean and healthy. Although some skin conditions can be just a normal part of ageing, it is important to keep an eye out for certain signs and signals that, if not treated quickly, can become worse over time. As we age, skin loses oil glands which causes skin to become thinner and less able to retain moisture.

Conditions such as dry skin, bruising, cuts & grazes can, naturally, be a part of life. However, in older age our skin doesn’t heal as quickly or as efficiently as it used to, and often if a good personal hygiene routine is not maintained, these can lead to more serious skin problems which can become extremely uncomfortable. If left untreated, dry skin can become a more chronic problem for many older people, leading to health problems such as eczema, rashes and permanent irritation from scratching that can then develop into wounds.

Up to a third of people over 70 years of age suffer from pressure ulcers (also known as bed sores or pressure sores) which cause incredible discomfort to those who are less mobile and unable to move independently.

It is a sad fact that up to a third of people over 70 years of age suffer from pressure ulcers that can affect quality of life and lead to extreme discomfort.

There are, however, a number of ways in which to reduce the likelihood of skin problems and bed sores, especially when recognised and dealt with quickly. At Bridgewater Home Care we utilise specialist movement and adjustment techniques to limit the risk of pressures sores developing. Pressure sores often arise when an individual is sat in the same position for long periods of time. Our Care Specialists can help to move or reposition every so often so that pressure is not concentrated on one area of the body.

At Bridgewater Home Care we can provide general skin care, such as applying topical creams or ointments. For clients with bruising or skin sores, we will work closely with district nursing teams to ensure that clients have the best medical treatment whilst under the care and attention of our Care Specialists. Our care continuity ensures the same carer or carers team visit a client on a regular basis, meaning any changes to personal wellbeing can be accurately monitored, recorded and acted upon.

Our Care Specialists can also help with any general, day-to-day, skin care such as help bathing, showering, grooming and moisturising. We will use soft, warm cloths which are less abrasive and help to keep the skin hydrated. We also encourage a healthy consumption of water which helps to keep skin healthy.

Bed baths can be especially beneficial for those with significantly reduced mobility as it allows the individual to receive a full bathing routine from the comfort of the bed or a chair. We use flannels, gentle cloths and warm bathing water to clean and wash the body, helping to reduce the risk of any skin conditions developing.

If you think a loved one could benefit from extra personal care and support from home, please get in touch with our friendly team to discuss personalised, tailored care.

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