Respite Care

Our respite care is designed to give family members with caring responsibilities a well-earned break and some time back for themselves.


Caring for a loved one is a huge task and can be a very demanding role. It is one that can often be carried out alongside one’s own day-to-day responsibilities, such as working, looking after the family and taking care of the household, although at times it can become too much.

At Bridgewater Home Care we aim to give back time to care-giving family members by providing all the necessary daily support and assistance that may be required. . This service affords families time to take a break with complete peace of mind that their loved one is in excellent hands.

Respite care can be invaluable to older people – it offers an opportunity to create relationships with new people and develop a relationship with a companion, who will often feel like an extended family member.

Our respite care is a highly personalised care service provided by our fully trained Care Specialists who can support a loved one with simple companionship, help around the home, assist with personal care or support those with a more specialist care need. We take time to get to know you and your loved one so that we can focus on keeping routines consistent and provide the most appropriate care to suit the individual.

Offering respite care at home allows for minimal disruption to an individual’s life with our Care Specialists providing support from familiar, comfortable surroundings. Getting to know someone new can be daunting for older people and more vulnerable adults. We understand that keeping living spaces consistent can help to reduce stress and anxiety when receiving care from someone outside of the family. With the sympathetic and bespoke nature of our services we allow for a great relationship and bond to form between a client and carer which increases the happiness we bring to those we care for.

It may be that you need a regular break from caring to focus on other daily responsibilities, or just a few hours a week to yourself. However long-term or short-term that extra support might be required, our Care Specialists can provide care around the routine of you and your loved one.

If a loved one required specialist care to support them with an illness or condition, you can be confident that our specialist care services are delivered by expertly trained Care Specialists. We will provide a care specialist best suited to the needs of the individual, who can help with daily tasks such as medication administration, monitoring general wellbeing and health condition, providing mobility support and much more.

The different types of respite care we provide include:

Companionship – providing emotional support, a friend to talk to, much-needed company or help with basic daily tasks
Personal care – helping a loved one with washing, bathing, dressing and their personal hygiene routine
Specialist care – providing tailored, specialist support to those living with a disability or condition
Home help – helping around the home with light housekeeping or household duties
Pet friendly care – ensuring pets are also well looked after, including feeding, walking and help with veterinary appointments
Medication assistance – helping to monitor and administer medication and keeping up to date with prescriptions.

If you and your loved one could benefit from extra support through our respite care service, please get in touch with our friendly team to find out more.

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