Continuing Health Care

Continuing health care is available for adults who need extra ongoing support in a setting other than the hospital, this can be provided at home.

Usually those who receive continuing health care are identified as having a ‘primary health need’, this being a pre-existing ongoing physical or mental health need. The main aspect of care to be provided will focus on addressing and supporting the individual’s specific condition outside of hospital.

Continuing health care can be arranged easily by contacting us at Bridgewater Home Care for an initial care consultation. Our Care Specialists will identify the needs and requirements of the individual needing care, prioritising areas where more complex or urgent care is required. By getting to know you it allows us to create a personalised service from the comfort of the home.

At Bridgewater Home Care we provide tailored services to suit each individual’s needs and provide essential ongoing support to family members as and when requirements change, enhancing or reducing the amount of care as needed. As a home care provider we focus on enabling clients to live well from their own familiar surroundings, ensuring they receive the same level of support (if not more) than they would from hospital.

With a focus on quality, we provide ongoing professional development to our Care Specialists, allowing clients and their families to feel confident that they are in excellent hands.

Our continuing home care services include: companionship, personal care, home help and housekeeping, assisting in the administration of medication and specialist care, all of which are tailored around the needs and wishes of the individual and their family members.

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For those living alone or unable to get out and about whilst recovering from surgery, companionship can be essential to provide that much-needed contact and company. Our companionship includes help with everyday tasks, emotional support, assistance with meal preparation, help staying in contact with friends, family and the local community, and much more.

Home Help and Housekeeping

Housekeeping duties can often be neglected when recovering from an illness, surgery or living with an ongoing health condition. Our Care Specialists can help with all light housekeeping and daily duties to keep the living space clean, tidy and a sanctuary to relax in. This can include light housework, laundry, help with keeping on top of household responsibilities such as bills and shopping, rearranging light furniture and even pet care should this be required.

Personal Care

Maintaining a good personal hygiene routine can be essential to a successful recovery or when living with various symptoms of an ongoing condition. At Bridgewater Home Care we provide help with various personal tasks including washing and bathing, toileting assistance, dressing and undressing in mornings and evenings, oral hygiene, skin care and much more.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

For those living with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, we tailor our care around the needs and abilities of the individual. When receiving continuing health care we factor this into the care we provide, making sure we support the individual in the most appropriate way.

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