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Bridgewater Home Care is an award-winning specialist of non-medical care at home, providing older and vulnerable adults with a better quality of life and the highest quality of care. We are passionate about encouraging independence and believe that people should have the option to remain at home where they are at their happiest and most comfortable, for as long as possible. Our desire to make a positive impact that goes above and beyond standard home care. We give families peace of mind by providing a reliable and trusted service, flexible around modern-day life. With Bridgewater Home Care, you can relax in the knowledge that your loved one is in excellent hands.

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My mother has been very happy with all the carers and finds the system of introducing any new person really helps. She was stressed and concerned with the previous company that the carer would be late, new, or not turn up. Since moving to Bridgewater Home Care, mum is much more relaxed. She knows who will be coming, that they will arrive on time, and know what needs doing without having to tell them. Thank you for your kind support.

Mrs Emerton

Our carer is not only a good companion for my wife, but someone I feel I myself can confide in… We are so happy with our carer; I am already looking for ways to increase the number of hours. This will allow me to go fishing in the sun twice a week instead of one. And at the same time have peace of mind knowing I have someone in our carer I can trust and rely on to take care of Margaret. If all the Bridgewater Home Care carers are like ours, I recommend Bridgewater Home Care to everyone.

Mr Peers

After several companies failed to meet mum’s needs, causing our family an enormous amount of anguish and stress, we were recommended to contact Bridgewater Home Care. Initially, we met the care manager which was extremely reassuring. Bridgewater Home Care has been providing mum’s care and support, enabling her to remain living in her home as independently as possible. Mum’s carer is a wonderful lady, who has built a special relationship with mum and the family.

Mrs R Bickershaw

We know my father needed help to remain at home, but he steadfastly refused all assistance. We finally persuaded him to try Bridgewater Home Care for just two weeks, and after that time he could cancel if he wished. After the very first visit by his wonderful carer, however, we knew everything was going to be alright. Six months later he looks forward to every visit. It’s a wonderful peace of mind for us. We can’t thank you enough.

Mr A

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