End of life and Palliative Care

End of life care helps individuals to live as well as possible, with dignity and comfort, during the final months or years of life.


At Bridgewater Home Care we provide essential end of life support from the comfort of the home, working closely with the individual and their family members every step of the way. It is vital that the care provided takes into account the wishes and preferences of the individual and those who are most important to them. Such decisions as where to be during end of life, and when to begin such care are important factors to establish in order to provide the best support possible.


We believe that people who are approaching the end of life should be given the highest-quality of care. Whether it is based upon the wishes of the individual, or the wishes of the family members, we will listen, provide emotion support, and be there as a companion and friend during such an important time.


Talking about end of life is, understandably, extremely difficult for families. We recognise just how distressing it can be to begin planning for end of life, but it is ever so important that the individual’s health and wellbeing is managed during such a time. At Bridgewater Home Care we guide families through the process, from those initial discussions with a loved one, to managing any physical changes during the last few days of life.


End of life care is provided by one or more of our professionally trained Care Specialists who are there whenever needed to ensure a loved one is as comfortable as possible. Our Care Specialists can help to manage any discomforts and other symptoms such as constipation, ensure the mental health and wellbeing of the individual is a priority, and also help to recognise any physical changes to the body during the last few days or hours of life.

Palliative Care


Palliative care is provided to help those with terminal long-term or life-limiting conditions to live as comfortably as possible at home. It often helps those whose condition cannot be cured to continue living a fulfilling life at home whilst receiving essential physical and emotional support to help manage symptoms of a condition.

At Bridgewater Home Care our dedicated Care Specialists are passionate about helping those with life-limiting conditions to continue to live well. We provide essential daily support to help improve quality of life, including:


Managing physical symptoms of a condition

Managing pain and discomfort

Providing emotion support to the individual and family member

Providing daily personal care, such as washing and dressing


If a loved one requires palliative care at home they can receive this at any time during their illness – some people receive palliative care for years. Often, individuals receive palliative care alongside continuous treatments for a condition or on diagnosis of a progressive or advanced condition. Receiving palliative care does not mean it has to be provided from a hospice or other medical setting; it is the choice of the individual to receive it from home.

Our Care Specialists will assess the needs and wishes of family members and friends in order to provide the best quality of care possible. Our Care Specialists also work alongside GPs, palliative care doctors and other medical professionals who may be providing additional medical support from the home to provide an integrated service that looks after all aspects of the individual.

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