Live in Care

What is live-in care?

For those with more complex requirements, who live alone, are recovering from an operation or just want someone on hand 24/7, our live-in care provides the perfect solution for caring for those who need round the clock support.

At Bridgewater Home Care we offer all our fundamental services as a live-in care option, meaning you can rest assured that your loved one is receiving the help they need, whenever they may need it.

Live-in care is provided on a one-to-one basis and provides our clients with 24-hour support from our live-in Care Specialists, offering a range of services from simple companionship to complex specialist care.

A live-in Care Specialist will join the household and live with a loved one in their home to provide support with day-to-day life, as well as being there as a companion and for general housekeeping. We find it is a much better alternative to moving to a residential care home, enabling a loved one to retain control of their own life and continue living life their way as independently as possible.

Preparing for live-in care

Having identified that your loved one might need a live-in Care Specialist to help them at home it is useful to gain an understanding of how best a carer might help improve quality of life. Our friendly team at Bridgewater Home Care can take you through a free consultation to explain all the various services we can provide including companionship, home help and housekeeping, personal care, specialist care and much more.

We advise that all we need from you is a spare room for our Care Specialist to relax and sleep and facilities such as television and an internet connection. At Bridgewater Home Care we expertly match our clients to the most appropriate Care Specialist based upon personality and client’s preferences, matching them not only to a live-in carer, but a long-term friend and companion.

What are the benefits of live-in care?

We all cherish our own homes, not only a comfortable and familiar place, but also as a sanctuary where some of our most fond memories were made. It is devastating to think that as people get older or more vulnerable that they should have to move from a place so special and important to them. At Bridgewater Home Care we believe that older adults can continue to live a happy and fulfilling life at home with the care and support from our Care Specialists.

Moving out of the home into a new residential home or facility can be extremely distressing, especially in older age. By providing vulnerable adults with an alternative with our live-in care service it affords them the chance to continue living life their way whilst also receiving round the clock support from their carer or companion.

By continuing to live at home with a live-in carer it can also help to maintain good wellbeing and mental health of the individual. More often than not it can improve quality of life by providing day-to-day company, support and stimulation that individuals may otherwise go without.


If you and your loved one could benefit from live-in care, please get in touch with our friendly team to find out more.

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