Bathing and Showering Assistance

Maintaining good personal hygiene can be so important in later years for enhancing comfort and quality of life. Whether it is general bathing, oral hygiene, skincare, washing hair or grooming; a routine of regular bathing a few times a week can be life changing.


As people get older or develop conditions that affect mobility, it can become increasingly difficult to bathe, shower, dress or use the bathroom independently. For those with progressive conditions it can be difficult to maintain a personal hygiene routine and general day-to-day tasks can often be forgotten.

Once mobility deteriorates it can become extremely difficult for those struggling to ask for help or assistance. Often, individuals can feel embarrassed or uncomfortable that they are no longer able to cope unassisted, asking a close family member for help can leave a feeling of awkwardness about the change in circumstances.

At Bridgewater Home Care we have expertly trained, professional Care Specialists who are dedicated to ensuring our clients are living well at home. It can be much easier for those struggling with their own personal care to accept help from a trained professional, away from the family. We will ensure that your loved one is completely comfortable with their dedicated Care Specialist, choosing someone who your loved one can trust and who fits with their personality and preferences.

We all know how it can feel to have an invigorating shower to start the day, or a hot, cleansing bath to relax before bed. For many, it is a given, and forms an important part of our lives that we couldn’t imagine living without.


Bridgewater Home Care can help with any aspects of bathing assistance such as:

Help bathing, washing or showering

Hair care

Washing and treating skin conditions

Help to source bathing aids or bathing technologies

Grooming, nail care, hair removal

Oral hygiene

Creating the Right Atmosphere

When providing personal care, such as bathing and showering, we make sure to create the right atmosphere so that the experience is relaxing and comfortable. We provide all our services with complete discretion, ensuring clients feel reassured, and keep towels, dressing gowns and clean clothing on hand where required. We want our clients to never have to worry about feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed.

It is also essential that the bathroom is a safe place to carry out tasks such as washing and grooming. We ensure that floors and surfaces don’t become slippery or dangerous and make sure to create a non-slip, safe environment that can be easy to use during times we aren’t there.

If bathing in the bathroom becomes uncomfortable or impossible to do, we can provide a bathing service from the comfort of a bed or chair with as little disruption as possible. These, often called bed baths, ensure good personal hygiene is still maintained by offering an alternative to using a bath or shower. A bed bath can be especially beneficial for those with significantly reduced mobility as we provide the full bathing routine from the comfort of a bed or chair. We will use flannels, gentle cloths, and warm bathing water to clean and wash the body, helping to reduce the risk of any skin conditions developing.

Often bathing aids or technologies can be useful, especially during the times our Care Specialists aren’t there. We can help to advise and source any equipment that may help your loved one to maintain a bathing routine independently.

If you think a loved one could benefit from extra personal care and support from home, please get in touch with our friendly team to discuss personalised, tailored care.

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