Social Interaction in the Community

Not only do we endeavour to meet our clients fundamental care needs, we go above and beyond to encourage social interaction within the community to reduce any detrimental effects that can result from social isolation. Whether this is helping a client to engage in a specific interest of theirs, or just getting out and about in the local community to meet like-minded people for a coffee, our approach to companionship emphasises the importance of social interaction and independence.


With the risk of independence reducing significantly in older age, as well as for those living with a life-affecting condition, we want to give all our clients the ability to carry on doing what they love. This is why, at Bridgewater Home Care, we focus on tailoring each and every visit around the needs and wishes of our clients. Ultimately, we want to help your loved one keep active, keep engaging with people, keep their mind stimulated and keep enjoying themselves. Are there local coffee mornings in your area that they would like to attend? A game of boules or walk around the park? Any clubs or societies that hold weekly or fortnightly meetings? Whatever it may be, we believe there is always a way to reengage older and vulnerable adults into doing what they love. We can be there to help them enjoy this time spent with others.

Our focus is on making our clients feel involved and improving their sense of belonging and purpose. In recent years it has been found that the older population can start to feel disengaged with the wider community and society as a whole. This is where we can help.


The services we provide can include assistance with any social aspects of day-to-day life, such as helping with technology, i.e. mobile phones, computers and TVs, emails, television and film, books and newspapers, and any other resources where help may be needed. We find this is a good starting point in helping clients feel more involved in the wider world from the comfort of their home and assists in reducing the likelihood of loneliness. We can all feel slightly ‘out of touch’ with the modern world in terms of technology and media, this is especially true for the older community. We think that with a little assistance it can be extremely beneficial to introduce helpful and resourceful tools which help clients to feel more ‘in-touch’.

We also encourage and assist with any desires, should they arise, for outings and trips, lunches and dinners, visiting events or places of interest, or any other assistance required for getting out and about in the local community. We find this keeps our clients lives exciting and enjoyable by having different elements of social engagement to look forward to and participate in. At Bridgewater Home Care we want to take the worry and stress away from families with busy lives by reassuring them that their loved ones are still able to socialise inside or outside of the home, wherever they feel most comfortable.

If you are interested in the services provided by Bridgewater Home Care or just want to find out more about how we help people, then please do feel free to get in touch with our friendly team. All our services are personalised and tailored around each individual, helping people to live well, in their own way, at home.

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