Food Preparation

Nutrition is important throughout all stages of our lives, but it becomes increasingly important in older age for our health and wellbeing. Food and diet contribute greatly to our quality of life and can help to reduce or eliminate certain conditions that older or vulnerable people are more susceptible to. If you are worried that a loved one may not be getting the regular home cooked meals they need, our food preparation service can assist at times where you may not have as much time as you would like to prepare or deliver food for a loved one.

Our services are tailor made to each individual client, ensuring we understand preferences, dietary requirements or intolerances, cooking independence and how they like to do things in the kitchen.  All this forms a part of our food preparation service, ensuring that every individual has their dietary needs met.

We provide as much or as little support as you may wish for your loved one; whether it’s the occasional visit a couple of nights a week to ensure meals are planned for the week ahead, or whether daily assistance is required in the kitchen to prepare and cook meals. Bridgewater Home Care will be there to assist and monitor everything diet, nutrition and food related.

We find that diet and nutrition can be one of the biggest worries of families when caring for their loved ones. Bridgewater Home Care can take the stress of food shopping and preparation away, ensuring clients receive the right dietary support. Whatever assistance is required, we want all of our clients to continue enjoying the foods they love, whilst making it completely stress-free for family members. Mealtimes can be a highlight of everyone’s day and we want it to stay this way when caring and supporting our clients, making it an enjoyable experience whatever the preferences and requests for meals may be.

How can we help?

Weekly food shopping

Unpacking food into the kitchen and fridge/freezer

Preparing food ready for cooking

Organising cupboards and stock

Organising sell by dates/disposing of out-of-date items

Planning meals

Help with cooking

Washing up & putting away dishes

Our food preparation service includes checking sell by dates and out of date items, ensuring your loved ones’ health and safety is at the heart of what we do. At your request we will monitor items in the kitchen cupboards and fridges/freezers to ensure no harmful produce is available or being consumed that may be out of date or past it’s best. We can also help to organise fridge and cupboard items to make everything more manageable. All this will be done with consent.

We understand that dietary needs change with time, as well as tastes and preferences, therefore our Care Specialists will review and monitor dietary needs and requests to ensure clients are receiving the right foods for them. We can also help to prepare foods in advance to make our client’s routines familiar and easier for them to cope during the times when we are not there. Mealtimes should be an enjoyable part of the day, and at Bridgewater Home Care we believe our food preparation service is a key factor in enhancing quality of life for loved ones.

All our services are personalised and tailored around each individual, helping people to live well, in their own way, at home.

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