Emotional Support

At Bridgewater Home Care we know just how important and life-changing a decision it is to introduce a new routine into a loved one’s life. Throughout our journey so far, as a specialist home care provider, we have been there every step of the way for each and every one of our clients and their family members to provide them with the support they need when going through their own journey. We know exactly what it takes to make the people we serve feel safe, secure and supported.



We understand just how many different emotions both our clients and their families will go through when finding care and support at home and it is our aim to reassure you throughout the whole process.

We have an exceptional team of trustworthy and reliable professionals who will be there for you whenever you need them, to answer any questions with integrity and discretion. We get to know our clients on a one-to-one basis, finding out their personalities, behaviours and preferences, as well as the families wishes for their loved one. By starting with the individual we really get to know our clients, this enables us to form trusting relationships.

Our Care Specialists are there to provide much needed emotional support as well as a friendly, familiar face. It can be a challenging time for the whole family when a loved one starts to need extra help at home, however we endeavour to put everyone’s minds at ease. We want you to know that you are in good hands and that you can trust us to provide a service that will enhance your loved one’s life.

As well as the transition of adapting to a new care service we also understand that many of our clients may be going through additional life-changing events and may be dealing with grief, loneliness, confusion, or trauma. At Bridgewater Home Care all our Care Specialists are well trained to prioritise your loved one’s emotional needs with discretion and sensitivity, allowing all our clients to feel comforted and supported through difficult times.

Sometimes it can be difficult to talk to other family members openly and honestly about how you are feeling or what you are going through and many conversations can go unsaid. We find it can be beneficial to have someone else there to talk to and open up to, especially someone who is not necessarily a relative or friend. If you are concerned that your loved one may be going through a difficult time on their own and struggles to speak to family members about it, our Care Specialists will be there to support and help wherever they can, be a friend to listen and a reliable and trustworthy companion to confide in.

Emotional support is also about guiding and helping our client’s family members through this time and ensuring there are no questions left unanswered. We ensure our clients, and their families, feel at ease, knowing they are in the best possible hands to help and support them where they need it. 

If you are interested in the services provided by Bridgewater Home Care or just want to find out more about how we help people, then please do feel free to get in touch with our friendly team. All our services are personalised and tailored around each individual, helping people to live well, in their own way, at home.

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