The Benefits of Companionship Care

Bridgewater Home Care Companionship

August 23, 2021

At Bridgewater Home Care we focus on providing relationship-focused, companionship care to those we support.

Not only do we provide daily personal care or support around the home, but also essential emotional support and interaction; being there as a friend to listen, to talk to and interact with.

It is too often that elderly or vulnerable adults describe themselves as feeling lonely or experiencing social isolation and are often left feeling disconnected from the wider community. We understand just how important social interaction and quality time with those around us can be, providing not only essential physical and mental stimulation but also enhancing both quality of life and independence.

At Bridgewater Home Care we are there whenever you need us. Whether it’s an excursion once a week to get out and about in the local area, or more frequent companionship support – we are there to spend time with a loved one doing the things they enjoy most.

There are so many benefits of keeping active both mentally and physically. We offer a wide range of companionship services that help a loved one to stay engaged in activities they enjoy or to spend quality time with their Bridgewater Companion or friends in the local area.

  • Getting out and about in the local community with the help of our Care Specialists can help to reduce social isolation and promote independence.
  • Continuing favourite hobbies or pastimes such as baking, knitting, painting and gardening helps to enhance mental stimulation, keeping the brain active and boosting mood, confidence, and wellbeing.
  • We can provide essential emotional support to those living at home, whether that be calling in for a cup of tea and chat or helping a loved one through a difficult time, our clients really do value the support we provide as their friend and companion.
  • Having someone to confide in outside of the immediate family unit can often help those who find it difficult to open up, and also provide a refreshing change in their usual routine.
  • Daily tasks are much more fun when you have a companion to help you! Offering help with everyday tasks such as cleaning or cooking, we find our clients enjoy the company and assistance from our Companions.

Recently, Val, one of our Bridgewater Home Care clients attended an art class in Warrington with the assistance of her Companionship Care Specialist, Jane.

Val had not been able to leave her home since the beginning of the pandemic and Jane had noticed recently that Val was becoming unhappy, although she had tried to encourage her to do things at home to lift her mood.

Jane recognised that it was important for Val to engage in meaningful activities that were important to her, to help improve her wellbeing.

The idea for the day trip came to Jane after Val had shown Jane a sketch pad of portraits and some canvas work that she had done. Jane was so impressed at how talented Val was and told her about an art class her friend, runs at Blooming Art.

After taking Val to the art class, Jane told us,” Val did an amazing painting and joined in conversations with other artists… it was so rewarding seeing her happy and doing something that she’s very talented at. I went along as support for Val as she was anxious about going out after so long being in the house. I’m sure this will give Val the confidence boost she needs right now and I look forward to seeing more of her fantastic work. I am so proud of her .”

The services we provide are all tailored around the wishes of the individual. Whether it be the desire to attend a cooking class, a bridge class, or an art class like Val, our Companionship care ensures to keep your loved one engaged in the things they love doing most.

To find out more about our services please visit our Companionship Care page where you will find further information about how we can support your loved one or send us an enquiry below to speak to a member of our friendly team.