Celebrating Homecare

Celebrating Home Care

September 24, 2021

This week at Bridgewater Home Care we really enjoyed ‘Celebrating Homecare’, showing our appreciation to our amazing Care Specialists and the incredible work they do every day.

Wednesday 22nd September 2021 marked the first ever ‘Celebrating Homecare’ event developed by the Homecare Association and the Care Workers Charity, and at a time when care workers deserve all the recognition and appreciation, we can give them, what better way to show this than by joining the #MadeWithCare initiative.

The event was aimed at highlighting the importance of home care and the difference it makes to so many lives. It saw amazing coverage up and down the country, with public figures such as Dame Esther Rantzen showing their support for the impact home care makes on so many people, as well as thanking everyone who provides a care-giving role.

Over the past couple of weeks in the run up to this event, our Care Specialists at Bridgewater Home Care were out and about visiting friends, family and of course clients, to create things that represent the care and dedication that goes into providing such an invaluable service.


Whilst some were enjoying a cup of tea or coffee with a client that was #Madewithcare, others were creating a jigsaw or piece of art.

Two of our lovely team members at Bridgewater Home Care Wigan learnt a new skill – knitting – and made this amazing ‘fidget’ blanket. Aimed at comforting those with dementia, it was made with many different fabrics and textures to create a ‘sensory’ style blanket. It has been kindly donated to the Bridgewater Day Care centre in Golborne to comfort clients living with dementia. This is something that has definitely been #Madewithcare and lots of Bridgewater love!


We took this time to show our appreciation to our fabulous team and thank everyone for the contributions they make to the lives of those we support, every day.

We also have some exciting events coming up over the next few weeks at Bridgewater Home Care…

Firstly we are very excited to announce our 11th Anniversary in October. After what has undoubtedly been one of the toughest 18 months that we have experienced, we can’t wait to catch up with all our team and hold a well-deserved celebration for the whole Bridgewater Family and everything we have achieved over the past 11 years!

We plan to hold an all-day event for our Care Specialists and Care team, full of food, laughs, celebration and most importantly fun!

Earlier this week our management team met up for a catch up over lunch to discuss some of the great things we have planned. It was lovely for the team to get together after such a long time of virtual meetings and share some positive news stories.


As we continue to provide invaluable services to the people we serve from the comfort of their homes, it has been so important to show our appreciation to those who deliver the care and support on a daily basis.

A big thank you to the Homecare Association and the Care Workers Charity for creating such an important initiative and highlighting just how valued our Care Workers all over the country are.

We look forward to Celebrating Homecare all over again next year with a new theme!

For further information on the range of home care services provided by Bridgewater Home Care, or to discuss home care for yourself or a loved one, please visit our services page or call us on 0800 355 7888 or email: info@bridgewaterhomecare.co.uk.