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Can you Help your Community?

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Date: March 23, 2020

Can you help your community during the COVID-19 outbreak?


In the event that some of our current home care assistants are unwell and unable to work or due to childcare demands we are appealing to other key members of the community, such as teachers who are not required to go into school now and do not have dependants at home, and also hospitality staff who can utilise their cooking, cleaning and domestic skills to help us care for our clients in the community.

With more of the UK population projected to become infected, extra client demand and staffing gaps caused by the illness will add even more strain to care services.

The government is this week set to introduce an emergency bill allowing recently retired NHS staff and social workers to return to work without any impact on their pensions.

We are in a position to train and support staff on a temporary basis if people want to return to their normal roles in the coming months, or even permanently if they love this new role.

Care Assistants will be paid £10 per hour to help perform key tasks, including but not limited to: cleaning, laundry, making meals, and everyday tasks such as making a cup of tea.

It will be mandatory for new workers to complete a short introductory training programme and a DBS s prior to their first visit in the community. We will support you and hold your hand along the process.

As a key work in the community you will be offered flexible working hours and will also be given access to key E-learning portals, providing important training including dementia awareness, person-centred care planning, safeguarding and first aid.

For more information about flexible working opportunities at Bridgewater Home Care, contact 01942 215 888 or apply here