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Help at home can come in all different forms. The most important factor to consider when choosing care at home is that your loved one receives the help and support they need both physically and emotionally to remain as happy and independent as possible.

There are so many positives of domiciliary care (home care), as opposed to residential care, and at Bridgewater Home Care it is our passion to be there for your loved one to help them with anything they need to keep them safe and well at home.

Continuing to live at home provides so much freedom and choice as to how a love one leads their life, affording control over day-to-day decisions and allowing them to continue doing what they love. Having this choice allows for decisions regarding what to eat, drink, when to bathe, how to spend the day, what activities to carry out; all these factors help your loved one to have a better quality of life.

Our home help service enables our clients to continue to live life their way and stay in control of what they do on a day-to-day basis, whilst receiving the additional support around the home wherever they may need it.

Some aspects of living at home can become increasingly challenging. Home help can be especially useful for those with reduced mobility or those who find it difficult getting up and about. If a loved one has difficulty with a daily routine such as bathing and dressing home help can be extremely beneficial, especially if they want to remain at home rather than move to residential care.

Our home help service offers a helping hand with any odd jobs around the home, any routine tasks that need attention every day or every week, or just additional support for a loved one who may be living at home alone.

Our Care Specialists can offer both the physical and emotional support at home for those who may have been used to living with a companion and miss the company, or those who are used to living alone but require some assistance with daily or weekly tasks. These include:


    • Help with domestic duties – including cleaning, laundry, hoovering etc.
    • Help with household responsibilities – such as doing shopping and taking the bins out.<strong


    • Housekeeping assistance – making the bed each day, help with cooking and meal preparation.
    • Help with pets – including feeding, grooming and walking.

Understandably many older people are reluctant to leave their homes in later life unless absolutely necessary. At Bridgewater Home Care it’s our passion to provide the help required to keep your loved ones safe and independent at home, enabling peace of mind for both our clients and their families. Our Care Specialists will ensure that your loved one receives the most appropriate services for their needs and gets the right level of service for them.

Please enquire below and speak to a member of our friendly team to find out how we can help to provide extra support around the home. All our services are personalised and tailored around you, helping you to live well, your way at home.

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