Healthy Body, Mind and Soul

Growing older can be a challenging time both for the individual and for family members. All sorts of unexpected obstacles can arise in ways that no one can anticipate. When members of the family become older there is a worry that their mind and body may start to deteriorate, particularly if the individual has limited access to day-to-day support and assistance.

Planning for old age is something we, at Bridgewater Home Care, can help with. The habits and behaviours of a loved one may start to change, and you might worry that you can’t be there to give that element of support as much as you would like.

There are many ways in which we can help people to ‘age well’; keeping individuals healthy in their mind, body and soul through various areas of support both mentally and physically. The first step is having that conversation with a loved one and understanding what makes them happy and how they envisage spending the rest of their life.

The conversations we have help us to create a highly personalised service, reducing any worries or concerns around a loved one’s wellbeing. Having personal conversations can sometimes be difficult to approach or voice, it may be that talking to someone independent from the family can help your loved one to open up so we can work closely with families to ensure the safety, wellbeing and happiness of loved ones.

At Bridgewater Home Care our team of Care Specialists are there to make talking about any of those initially challenging conversations more comfortable, easing any worries your loved one may have about answering any difficult questions or opening up to express themselves. We deliver our service with a focus on wellbeing, health and happiness for all our clients and encourage discussions around personal preferences and  choices around how our clients wish to live life at home.

Whether your loved one wishes to remain active or continue socialising, whether they require some assistance with nutrition or diet, or whether they just want to continue living as independently as possible from home; we will put these wishes into practice to help enhance physical and mental wellbeing.

We focus our attention on areas we believe can really add value to you’re a loved one’s life, such as keeping physically fit through a healthy diet and light mobility exercises, encouraging mental stimulation through mental fitness tools,  monitoring medication, water intake and condition to aid a healthier, happier way of life.

Bridgewater Home Care also specialise in caring and supporting individuals with long term illnesses and forms of dementia. If you are worried that your loved one may be developing signs of dementia, such as forgetfulness, disorientation or difficulty completing simple tasks then we can help with our specialist Alzheimers and dementia care. We assist with a wider range of long-term conditions and always ensure to best match the most suitable Care Specialist to each client.

We really do believe in ‘growing old your way’ and our Care Specialists at Bridgewater Home Care can provide much-needed support and stimulation to keep your loved one living happily and independently in their homes for as long as possible.

Please enquire below and speak to a member of our friendly team to find out how we can help to provide extra support around the home. All our services are personalised and tailored around you, helping you to live well, your way at home.

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