Stroke Care

At Bridgewater Home Care we offer a specialist care service for those recovering from a stroke and helping to manage living with the effects of a stroke, from the comfort of one’s own home.

Most people experience some level of recovery during their time in hospital however strokes can have a variety of different effects on daily life when returning home. For many, life at home will resume at a much slower pace and individuals can commonly experience difficulties with mobility, swallowing, continence, and fatigue. It can affect individuals in a variety of different way, affecting vision, causing problems with communication, memory and concentration.

At Bridgewater Home Care we work together with the individual, their family and friends, supporting with and helping to reduce the impact of the changes for all involved. We offer practical solutions to help those living with the effects of a stroke to live as independently as possible at home, tailoring our care around the abilities of the individual.
For some, after leaving hospital, only a small amount of care may be required, but others can experience more complex needs and require frequent or more specialist care. It is important, therefore, to follow the advice and guidance provided by the specialist stroke recovery team on discharge from hospital.

Our Care Specialists at Bridgewater Home Care can support a loved one through their rehabilitation programme, supporting them with various aspects of daily life. We will carry out an initial consultation or ‘assessment’ to identify the requirements of the individual and what level of support that may be needed. As time progresses, needs and requirements can often change too. We will review this as frequently as necessary to identify how the care we provide might need to be adapted.

Often daily tasks can become particularly challenging, such as mealtimes, washing, dressing or toileting. Our Care Specialists can help with physical tasks such as household duties, meal preparation and personal hygiene support. We will also carry out an assessment of the home and advise on suitable aids or adaptations to help improve an individual’s ability when carrying out day-to-day tasks.

Experiencing a stroke can have huge emotional effects and often lead to emotional or personality changes. With a Bridgewater Home Care companion your loved one not only has access to the highest quality care at home, but also a friend for emotional support and much-needed company; someone to listen and to talk to.

We understand just how difficult it can be for family and friends to adopt a care giving role, especially if they live away from the person needing care. As a provider of high-quality companionship, home help and personal care you can rest assured that your loved one is in excellent hands, always.

At Bridgewater Home Care we have a dedicated team of professionals who engage with family members every step of the way. We have excellent communication processes in place, including real-time updates from our Care Specialists and a detailed log of day-to-day duties performed throughout your loved ones’ care. If required we can also help a loved one to keep in touch with family and friends, assisting with technology including their smart phone or tablet, so they can stay connected during the times we aren’t there.

Whether you require full-time, round the clock care for a loved one, or scheduled occasional visits from one of our team, at Bridgewater Home Care it is our passion to provide the essential daily support to help individuals live well, at home.

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