Physical Disabilities Care

A physical disability is a substantial, long-term condition that affects part of a person’s body. This impairs and limits their physical functioning, mobility and dexterity.

With the loss of physical capacity an individual can experience reduced ability to perform body movements such as walking, moving hands and arms, sitting and standing as well as controlling muscles. Our specialist care enables those living with a physical disability to receive essential daily support from the comfort of the home, promoting independence and improving quality of life.

A physical disability does not necessarily stop someone from performing specific tasks but can make them more challenging, such as difficulty getting dressed or the inability to grip things; all of which make everyday tasks trickier and more time consuming.

At Bridgewater Home Care we specialise in care at home for those more vulnerable and who often experience difficulty carrying out everyday tasks on their own. Our aim is to help vulnerable adults live a happy and healthy life from the comfort of the home, promoting independence and enhancing general wellbeing.

We strongly believe that having a disability should not stop someone from living a full and active life and nor stop them from doing the things they enjoy. We have developed our services over the years to provide a wide range of support to help people to live well in their own homes, and never compromising on quality.

We know how challenging it can be to remain fully independent when living with a disability and we understand with what family members and an individual’s wider support network do, often unpaid, to support and care for a loved one. Our Care Specialists provide a great deal of support, where it is needed or desired.

The services we offer for those living with a disability can include, but are certainly not limited to:

Help with everyday tasks – domestic duties, personal care and help to maintain a daily routine

Help staying connected-  in the local community with family & friends

Helping to manage responsibilities – whether it is work, pets, family commitments or any day-to-day administrative tasks

Emotional support and companionship – a friendly face to talk to

Staying independent – collecting prescriptions, help with shopping or any other local outings, including appointments

Wellbeing and lifestyle – including exercise, support with nutrition and hydration, and helping engage with any hobbies or interests

Each service we provide is tailored around the needs and abilities of the individual. Every person living with a physical disability has completely different requirements and therefore a desire for different areas of support. At Bridgewater Home Care, our team get to know each client on an individual basis, taking into account the wishes of the wider family members too.

Our Care Specialists can also provide essential companionship, should your loved one feel isolated, lonely or miss face-to-face contact. For many living alone, it can become extremely tough to stay connected to people as getting out and about can often be a struggle. We want to help our clients lead as normal a life as possible, ensuring they don’t miss out on the vital aspects of life that make them happy.

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