Learning Disabilities Support

Living with a learning disability should not stop an individual from leading an exciting, fulfilling, and independent life.

Having purpose in life is important to us all, and those with a learning disability are no exception. We support those wishing to live in their own home to continue living their ordinary lives and stay connected with friends, family and the wider community.

A learning disability can occur in a variety of different ways; when the brain is developing, as the result of a childhood illness, or as an acquired brain injury. The effects of such a disability vary depending on severity and how the individual receives support.

At Bridgewater Home Care it is our mission to enable people living in their own homes to live well, through providing practical help, support, and encouragement. We support individuals in their own homes with a wide range of daily tasks to help them maintain their independence for as long as possible.

We understand that everyone is different and that every disability is unique. People like to do things in their own way which is why we place huge importance on our initial consultation to really get to know the individual, their family members and the wishes they have for the care we are to provide.

During a consultation, a member of our team will visit a loved one at their own home, along with family members if required. This time gives us an opportunity to find out the abilities, preferences and wishes of a loved one and enables us to provide the most appropriate solutions to suit a loved one’s needs.

How can Bridgewater Home Care help?

Daily household tasks

Such as help with budgeting, meal planning, shopping, assistance paying bills or organising a schedule


Health and Wellbeing

Assistance with maintaining a healthy diet, good hydration and engaging in activities or exercises


Personal Hygiene

Assistance with the daily personal hygiene routine, including washing, getting dressed, oral hygiene, toileting and more


Home Help and Housekeeping

Providing help with domestic chores such as cleaning, tidying, laundry, and ironing


Keeping Connected

Support using technology, meeting friends and family and outings into the local community


Find your Bridgewater Home Care companion

If you are interested in the services that Bridgewater Home Care can offer then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01942 215 888, our friendly and professional team will be delighted to assist.