Hypertension (high blood pressure) Care

As a specialist provider of home care, at Bridgewater Home Care we have a real passion for helping those with acute and complex conditions to live well.

We provide the support to make small changes to an individual’s lifestyle that can help to prevent further complications in the long-term, whilst ensuring the most appropriate care is provided in the interim.

If not managed or controlled effectively, high blood pressure can increase the risk of other complications and heart-related problems such as stroke, heart attack, kidney disease, vision loss and even some forms of cancer.

High blood pressure has also been strongly linked to those who develop a form of dementia (namely vascular dementia) in later life. However, the condition can be managed through a variety of lifestyle factors such as healthy diet, exercise, and healthy choices such as quitting smoking or limiting alcohol.

Our Care Specialists are expertly trained to help individuals with hypertension to identify, monitor and control symptoms in order to live well, at home. All our Bridgewater team undergo initial and ongoing training to enhance their knowledge of common health complications and how we can best care for our clients living with a variety of conditions.

We can help individuals to monitor their symptoms, help them make the necessary lifestyle changes to improve health and ensure they are getting the correct care and support. We also provide a medication assistance service which helps to ensure any medication needed is monitored and administered correctly, and that prescriptions are kept up to date.

Some individuals may need to take a combination of medication to combat high blood pressure and it can become difficult to keep on top of this; our Care Specialists will help to organise and plan a medication schedule, liaising with GPs and pharmacists if needed. If your loved one needs to monitor blood pressure at home, we can help take readings and record any changes to the individual’s condition.

Throughout all the care and support we provide, we will always ensure our clients’ wellbeing is at the forefront of our visits, and we will be there for encouragement and motivation to continue living a happy healthy lifestyle.

At Bridgewater Home Care we treat our clients with the same dignity and respect as we would our own family.

Stress and loneliness can often be contributory factors to high blood pressure. With our specialist services, we want you and your family to rest assured that a loved one is in the best possible hands.

We strive to make individuals feel as comfortable as possible in their homes, providing essential companionship and emotional support. At Bridgewater Home Care we encourage and motivate clients to lead a healthy life at home with a focus on their wellbeing. If desired our Care Specialists can support a loved one with appropriate movement and mobility exercises and/or help them to plan and prepare nutritious meals and stay hydrated.

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