Bariatric Care

Bariatric care is provided to those who are living with a requirement for specialist care adapted to their condition. It supports those who opt for a lifestyle change to help combat obesity and cares for those after bariatric surgery.


Bariatric surgery is used as treatment for those who are clinically obese in order to help the individual to lose weight and improve obesity-related conditions such as type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure.

It usually involves long-term, follow-up care and adopting healthy lifestyle changes in order to improve the individual’s condition and needs to be monitored in order to ensure successful progress.

There are a variety of bariatric surgeries however none of which are a complete ‘cure’ for weight loss and eliminating obesity. At Bridgewater Home Care we provide essential daily help and support, both physically and emotionally, to help clients make positive permanent lifestyle changes in the long-term and maintain their independence at home.

In the short-term, individuals may require help with all sorts of aspects of their daily life that become challenging when living with obesity. The condition can commonly affect one’s mobility and capability to carry out usual day-to-day activities.

Areas of the body can become increasingly sore and uncomfortable as the weight can put pressures on bones, joints and muscles. Our Care Specialists at Bridgewater Home Care are expertly trained in assisting with moving and repositioning clients with dignity, respect and comfort.

We provide daily help and support around the home, including:

• Moving to and from bed to chair, chair to toilet etc.
• Moving throughout the day to different sitting or lying positions
• Repositioning for comfort and to reduce bed sores
• Personal hygiene including toileting assistance, bathing and grooming
• Assistance with skin care and medication
• Help dressing, undressing and getting in and out of bed
• Meal shopping and meal preparation
• Nutrition advice and exercise including strengthening and mobility
• Being there as a companion; a friend for emotional support and motivation


We can also assist with escorting to any appointments such as blood tests, health checks and support sessions.

At Bridgewater Home Care we are passionate about healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. During visits from our Care Specialist(s) we can provide advice and support around diet and nutrition for a healthier and more comfortable lifestyle. We also promote regular hydration and support clients to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Maintaining a personal hygiene routine can become extremely challenging for bariatric patients. As the weight limits ability to do everyday tasks, taking care of personal hygiene such as washing, bathing, oral hygiene and toileting can be difficult to carry out.

Personal Care Services

Personal Care Services

Our personal care services provide daily assistance to those struggling with their own personal care. Our Care Specialists can provide as little or as much assistance as required with the following tasks:

• Washing, including bathing and bed baths
• Toileting assistance and incontinence care
• Oral hygiene
• Skincare
• Grooming
• Help with getting dressed and undressed
• Nail care
• Help with sourcing mobility aids
...and much more!

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