• I enjoy every moment with the girls. I personally call them ‘friends’ rather than carers!


  • You responded to a Saturday phone call, so we were pleased to engage you. That turned out to be an excellent decision, and we were allocated two splendid carers: neither were clock watchers, and both gave outstanding support. My wife even has a recipe book she compiled of the dishes that were cooked for us.

    Prof. Mullarkey, Clients Husband

  • My mother has been very happy with all the carers and finds the system of introducing any new person really helps. She was stressed and concerned with the previous company that the carer would be late, new, or not turn up. Since moving to Bridgewater Home Care, mum is much more relaxed. She knows who will be coming, that they will arrive on time, and know what needs doing without having to tell them. Thank you for your kind support.

    Mrs E, Client’s Daughter

  • After several companies failed to meet mum’s needs, causing our family an enormous amount of anguish and stress, we were recommended to contact Bridgewater Home Care. Initially, we met the care manager which was extremely reassuring. Bridgewater Home Care has been providing mum’s care and support, enabling her to remain living in her home as independently as possible. Mum’s carer is a wonderful lady, who has built a special relationship with mum and the family.

    Mrs R Bickershaw

  • We know my father needed help to remain at home, but he steadfastly refused all assistance. We finally persuaded him to try Bridgewater Home Care for just two weeks, and after that time he could cancel if he wished. After the very first visit by his wonderful carer, however, we knew everything was going to be alright. Six months later he looks forward to every visit. It’s a wonderful peace of mind for us. We can’t thank you enough.

    Mr A

  • It’s been very comforting to know that our carer visits my aunt every day to make sure the little things (but vital things) are taken care of. We’d used carers provided by Social Services before, and things were always rushed. My aunt has really warmed to our carer and is much happier with the care she is getting. Thank you.

    Mrs J

  • Excellent service. Since mum started to receive care, my husband and I have been able to go away on holiday, knowing that mum will have company every day. Mum looks forward to seeing her carers every week.

    Mrs McG, Client’s daughter

  • Bridgewater Home Care has made an enormous difference in the quality of my father’s life. He looks forward to the carers’ visits and always looks happy and relaxed after his outings. His carer is very caring and dedicated to his clients. He always puts my father’s welfare and happiness first

    Ms Littler

  • Your friendly, professional service has been a godsend, and it is only with your support that mum has been able to remain in her own home as long as she has. It is nice to know that there are people in the caring profession who do just that – genuinely care about the people they are supporting.

    Mary, Janet & Family

  • It’s wonderful being with Bridgewater Home Care; I would recommend them to anybody. After Social Services asked me what being with Bridgewater Home Care was like, I said it was like heaven. I feel very relaxed, and I know I can go away for a break when I need to.

    Tom, Client’s Husband

  • There are no words enough to describe the love and kindness that was given to my husband during his illness. We will be ever grateful to you and your team. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    Margaret, Client’s Wife

  • I would like to send my heartfelt thanks for the way you continue to help look after my mum. As you know, my mum was diagnosed with mixed dementia nearly three years ago, and you have been looking after her for almost two years. When it became apparent that I needed some help with my mum’s care, it was very difficult for me to trust anyone, especially as I wouldn’t be there. Mum was also very worried about having carers. Thankfully I found you, the Bridgewater girls, as mum and me like to affectionately call you all. Mum loves seeing you all and having a good chat with you all. She feels very comfortable when you are with her, and she thinks of you as more friends than carers. You treat her with care and kindness; you never patronise her. You respect her dignity and never make her feel conscious of the fact she has dementia. I am more than happy for you to be helping to look after my mum and her property. You have made it a lot easier for me to have some time for myself.

    Gill, Client’s Daughter

  • I have found Bridgewater Home Care extremely good in caring for my mother-in-law. She thoroughly enjoyed all the visits she had and looked forward to them and was very instrumental in helping with the well-being of my mother-in-law. The girls that attended to her were very caring and friendly. I would certainly recommend Bridgewater Home Care to anyone – excellent service.

    Patricia, Client’s Daughter-in-Law

  • I would just like to thank you. Your carers are absolutely brilliant. They have been looking after my wife for two years now; nothing is too much trouble. I go to work knowing my wife is in the best hands, they are more like friends than carers. I just can’t thank you enough.

    Phil, Client’s Husband