A Special Case Study – Barbara and Pam

November 2, 2023

At Bridgewater Home Care we are passionate about enabling people to live well from the comfort of their own homes, allowing them to thrive in their much loved environment. Our team are invaluable to us, and truly make the lives’ of those we care for that little bit brighter each time they visit.


One special relationship and bond that has been built over the years is between our client, Barbara, and Care Specialist Pam at Bridgewater Home Care Wigan.  This is their story of how Bridgewater Home Care began caring for Barbara, and how her life has changed from meeting Care Specialist, Pam.

Barbara’s family were seeking support after the passing of Barbara’s husband.

They hadn’t realised how much their dad had done for their mum day to day until he was no longer there to look after her. Barbara’s daughter contacted Bridgewater Home Care hoping to have a bit of support at lunchtime and in the evening to encourage Barbara to eat, drink and to give her medication.

Over the years, Barbara has flourished with the care and support she has in place and developed such a great connection with her Care Specialists who spend time with her paying board games, card games, feeding the birds and dancing around the living room to the music on the sound system.

Barbara’s wellbeing and quality of life have improved so much so that her family have increased her support to include a cleaning and companionship service once a week.

Barbara has a particularly wonderful connection with her Care Specialist, Pamela. Pamela says: “From the day I met Barbara I recognised that we shared a similar humour, and the same passion for music. I can talk to Barbara about old classical singers and songs we both know, and sing and play hymns we both know from Sunday School. It makes me so happy to see Barbara’s beaming smile especially after we’ve had a good sing song and I have asked her to wave me off at the window.”

During these evening visits Barbara is absolutely absorbed in a piece of music or hymn where she is transported to another world. Pam and Barbara know so many old songs which they love to hear and sing together. Pam has really enjoyed learning new ones her-self, so she can play them on the piano for Barbara and they can create the music together as Barbara plays on her tambourine.

Sometimes Pam will encourage Barbara to sing a solo piece while she plays the piano and many times Barbara has relished this and performed so expressively and been proud of herself afterwards.


Of course, Pam loves all the silliness with Barbara as they laugh a lot about anything, but alongside serious songs or hymns, they certainly enjoy laughing together at the lyrics to many of the songs.

You can truly see the difference this visit makes to Barbara, and her family are so pleased with the care, support, encouragement and engagement Barbara receives during these visits.

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